Warframe Glassmaker puzzle – Fourth crime scene solution

The right answers will get you knowledge.


In the new Nightwave series in Warframe, you will need to explore a crime scene to find clues. After you have found all the clue locations, you will need to collect Cephalite Resonance to interact with the murder victim.

When you do this, you will be whisked away to a new area and will need to solve a jumping puzzle. Platforms will appear with words or symbols over them, and you will need to jump to the correct platform each time.

The good news here is that the clues you found in the crime scene will show you the correct way to go. The clues are generated from a random pool for each player, so we cannot give you the exact answer to your own puzzle, but we can show you where to find the correct answers.

Step 1

The first clue is the number in the description of the Transmitter Component.

Step 2

The second platform should have a series of words, the correct answer is the one from the Standard Data Tablet.

Step 3

The third platform will be a series of portraits, pick the one that matches your Encrypted Data Tablet.

Step 4

The fourth platform will the name from the Word Data Tablet.

Step 5

The fifth platform will be the Digi-Drive that matches the color of the one that you found.

You have a limited time to make the jumps, and if you miss them, you will need to collect another 10 Cepehalite Resonance to get back to the puzzle again, so be careful.