Warframe Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert

In Warframe, Hallowed Nightmares is a special form of Tactical Alert that will sometimes be available for players to take part in. Tactical Alerts are special, more difficult, Alerts that have specific rules or challenges compared to standard Alerts. Also, unlike standard Alerts, they do not disappear after a single run. Instead, players can run them multiple times, accumulating points each time. Only when the required amount of points have been won will the player then get their reward.

Once you have finished a Tactical Alert, you will also have the option of running a Stratos Challenge, a new version of the same Tactical Challenge, but with increased difficulty. By completing the Stratos Challenge, you will obtain a Stratos Emblem upon your first completion, with further completions upgrading the rank of the emblem.

Warframe Hallowed Nightmares

Warframe Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert

The Hallowed Nightmares alert is an Assassination mission that rewards an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint. The following special rules and restrictions apply to this Tactical Alert.

  • You cannot use any weapons, Warframe powers, or companions.
  • You can only use a limited set of melee attacks.
  • All mods, except Aura and Exilus mods, will be deactivated during this mission.
  • The gear menu, and any related hotkeys, will be disabled.
  • No matter what Warframe you are using, you will have a set amount of Health and Shields. In the first version, that will be 100 Health and Shield, in the Stratos Challenge, it will drop to 50 Health and Shield.
  • There will also be a thick fog. This limits player vision, but also serves to limit enemy vision as well.

How To Complete Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert

The aim of the Hallowed Nightmares mission will be to get to a designated area of the map to kill a target. You will need to deal with a lot of Infested enemies on the way, so choose for yourself whether you want to fight or avoid them. At certain points, you will need to locate Power Cells to open a door. You want to team up for this part, as some hacking will be required, and with such low Health and Shields, it is very easy to get downed while trying to hack.

Once you make it to the designated area, you will need to fight a special enemy called a Jack O’ Naut. This is an Infested Juggernaut with a Jack O’ Lantern for a head. Juggernauts are tough enemies at the best of times, but when you only have your hands and feet it can be very challenging. The trick is to damage it using the explosive containers that will be in the area. They will look like large Jack O’ Lanterns, and when destroyed will release a large fire blast that damages the enemy. Once you have felled the foul beast, you can head for Extraction.

The very brave Tenno among us have been known to lure the Jack O’ Naut into charging them, dodging the beast, causing it to smash into the barrels. This is risky, as you are guaranteed to be downed if it hits you.

In the Stratos Challenge version, you will also have the chance to find three Resource Caches hidden around the map. If you can find them, they can grant you special rewards, such as Aura and Nightmare Mods.