Warframe – How To Get Pyrus Essence


Were you there, Tenno? When the Relays fell? It doesn’t matter, because you are here now when they are being rebuilt! You will need Pyrus Essence though! The Pyrus Project Event that is currently ongoing will give the community a chance to restore the relays that were previously lost. Yes, there was a time when Digital Extremes didn’t mess around, and social areas could be destroyed in the game. Now, times have changed, and they can be built!

Where To Find Pyrus Essence

Steel Meridian plan on rebuilding the Relays, but they need our help. Part of that help involves finding Pyrus Essence. You will need to find thirty of these Essences, and get them to Cressa Tal at the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site on Earth.

The Essences can be found on Earth, Mercury, Saturn, and Ceres. Just load into any mission on these planets and play as usual. While playing, you will receive a transmission from Cressa letting you know that a Pyrus Essence Carrier has been located in your mission. You will get a unique yellow icon on the screen, and this will show you the way to the enemy you seek.

Carrier Indicator
Carrier IndicatorTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Carriers look just like Eximus enemies, and you need to kill them, then absorb them as if it were a Capture mission. After that, finish up the mission and extract as usual.

Absorb Essence
Absorb EssenceTL;DR Games • Fair Use

That’s it! For this step, you will need to collect thirty Essences, which honestly shouldn’t take all that long. They are just a mix of Kuva missions and capture missions. We will soon have guides up for the other steps as well! Should you need help with any other aspect of Warframe, be sure to check out our Guide Hub. You will also need to gather up Trembera Essence, so be sure to check out our guide on that if you need help.