Warframe – How To Get Vitus Essence

Top tier rewards.

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Vitus Essence is a special resource that is rewarded by taking part in Arbitrations in Warframe. Upon completion of a rotation, you will be paid with the resource, along with a random roll of loot from the Arbitrations drop table. Vitus Essence is used to purchase special items from the Arbitrations Vendor at the Arbiters of Hexis. You can find them on any of the Relays.

Vitus Essence will drop from slain enemies from time to time while playing through the Arbitration and will be marked on your screen similar to other rare resources like Requiem Relics when it drops. Make sure you keep an eye out for this resource and pick it up when it appears.

What Is Vitus Essence Used For

The items that you can purchase with Vitus Essence are as follows. The list below includes the name of the item, the item type, and the amount of essence you need to purchase it.

  • Arbitration Statue – Decoration – 12
  • Cautious Shot – Mod – 15
  • Judicial Coils – Cosmetic – 20
  • Power Donation – Mod – 15
  • Scars of Arbitration – Cosmetic – 15
  • Vitus Emblem – Cosmetic – 3
  • Vitus Illumina – Decoration – 9
  • Galvanized Mods – 20

You will need a total of 89 essences to purchase all the items on the list, so that is 89 successful rotations on any Arbitration alert. At the moment, it is not used as a crafting resource by anything in the game, but this does not mean that we will not need it to build things that are introduced in future patches. Warframe has a habit of expanding in this way, bringing in a resource that then becomes important in new ways after a couple of patches.

Given that Arbitrations are such an easy way to earn Endo, you will more than likely be running them for a while, so it might not be a bad idea to stock up on the essence anyway. Or you can spend it all on dozens of the little statues and use them all over your ship. I haven’t done that though, because I am not an irresponsible Tenno. Honest.