Warframe – The Emissary Outbreak Mission Guide


Nightwave Series 2 continues in Warframe, and it appears that Arlo is up to something. New Outbreak Missions have begin to appear, and Zealot Derelicts have been showing up on the map. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Warframe – The Emissary Outbreak Mission Guide

Warframe Outbreak Missions Counter

When you look at the Star Map, you will be able to see a counter for active Outbreak Missions above the Nightwave button, as shown in the picture above. This counter will only appear when there are active Outbreak Missions. It will tell you what planets the Outbreak Missions are on, and how many you have yet to complete.

Warframe Invasions List

The Outbreak Missions are standard Invasion missions, but will always involve the Infested. All you need to do is check the Invasions tab, and you will be able to see the Outbreak Missions listed there and can choose to take part in them.

When you have completed three missions for one node, you will receive your Battle Pay. Once again, this is just like a standard Invasion. Where it differs is that your Battle Pay takes the form of a Zealot Derelict Code, which will give you access to the Zealot Derelict that you can find on a new node, above the planet that the Outbreak Missions took place on. Upon completion, the code is used up, and you need to get a new one for future missions. You need to have one of these codes to take part in the mission, and if someone in your party does not have one, you cannot piggy-back them in.


Completing a Derelict node will get you 1500 Nightwave Standing, which is a nice bump if you are still working your way towards Rank 30, or even if you are grinding out some of the rewards.

Zealot enemies have also had their bounty rewards bumped up to 200 Standing. The Derelict missions will spawn two new types of enemies, Undying Flyers and Leaping Thrashers. According to Reddit user Xionema, the Thrasher can drop a new Sigil upon death.