Warframe – Parazon Guide – How To Get And Use Your Parazon

Your new Swiss Army Knife.

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The Parazon is a new tool, and mechanic, in Warframe. It is automatically given to all Tenno, and can now be considered another part of your Warframe. While the Parazon is being introduced due to its roll in killing the Kuva Lich, it does have other functions as well.

Warframe – Parazon Guide – How To Get And Use Your Parazon


Because you automatically have your Parazon, you don’t need to do anything special to unlock it or build it. Just go to your Arsenal screen, and you will notice a new section in it for the new tool.

The most obvious use for the Parazon is killing your Kuva Lich. Only the Parazon can deliver the killing blow to a Lich, and only when the special mods it uses are in the correct order.

The Parazon will have 3 Normal Mod Slots, and 3 Requiem Mod Slots.


These upgrade the tool aspect of ‘hacking.’ These make hacking easier or give small benefits when the hack is completed successfully. These can be found by running Spy Missions in the Origin System.

  • Intruder: + Additional Seconds to hacking.
  • Live Wire: Shock Enemies within 24 meters while hacking.
  • Auto Breach: 30% Chance to autohack!
  • Runtime: +45% Sprint Speed after hack.
  • Master Key: Unlock nearby lockers after hacking
  • Untraceable: Become invisible for 18s after hacking.
  • Failsafe: 50% Chance to retry a failed hack.


These are for the new Mercy Finishers that can occur at any time in-game on eligible enemies. These can be found by killing Bosses. Enemies that can be Mercy Finished will have a red icon over their head.

  • Blood for Life: 50% chance to create a Health Orb on Mercy.
  • Blood for Energy: 50% chance to create an Energy Orb on Mercy.
  • Blood for Ammo: Mercy refills magazine by 100%
  • Hit and Rune: On Mercy: +60% Parkour speed for 6 seconds
  • Out Of Sight: Blind Enemies with 18 meters on ‘Mercy’ kill.


These are new additions to the game and are the only thing that can kill your Kuva Lich. While normal weapons, and your teammates, can damage it, Lich’s will be weak to a combination of the mods, and only a strike with that combination can kill it. To find out the combination, you need to kill a Lich’s Thralls with the Parazon. To do this, you simply go to a Node controlled by the Lich and select the special Lich related mission. Thralls will spawn, fight them as usual, and when the red symbol appears over them, run up and interact with them to perform the Mercy Finisher.

Mercy Kill

The Requiem Mods, listed below, are gotten from new Requiem Relics. These new Relics can be earned from Kuva Flood as a guaranteed reward, and Kuva Siphons at a 30% drop rate. They are then refined in Void Fissure missions on the Kuva Fortress. These are the only Relics that can be refined on the Kuva Fortress.

Requiem Mods have limited charges, with three each, and one is used up when you kill a Kuva Lich with it. When all charges are used, the Mod can be broken down into Endo.


From brooding gulfs are we beheld

By that which bears no name


Its heralds are the stars it fells

The sky and Earth aflame


Corporeal laws are unwrit

As suns and love retreat


To cosmic madness laws submit

Though stalwart minds entreat


In luminous space blackened stars

They gaze, accuse, deny


Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours

In madness lost shall die


Carrion hordes trill their profane

Accord with eldritch plans


To cosmic forms from tangent planes

We end as we began

This guide is currently being updated as we discover more information about this new mechanic.