Warframe – Should You Buy Tempo Royale From Baro Ki’Teer?


While weapons are great, in Warframe a melee weapon’s use is mostly down to stances. Stances dictate the moveset that a weapon will use, and some of them are just better than others. When it comes to great big swords, Tempo Royale is the best in the game. If you are wondering if you should get this from Baro Ki’Teer, then the answer is a resounding “YES.”

Tempo Royale

Tempo Royale allows for fast, smooth, spinning attacks, making it fantastic for the big reach Great Blade weapons. Melee in Warframe mostly boils down to being able to clear rooms quickly, and a great sword with Tempo Royale is extremely good at this. You can use this stance on the Dark Split-Sword, Galtine (and Prime), Gram (and Prime), Paracesis, Scindo (and Prime), War, and Zenistar.

It also only drops from the Isolator Bursa and the Wolf of Saturn Six, so grabbing it from Baro is a great idea. The main benefit of the weapon is that the first attack of all four combos the stance gives access to will hit in a 360-degree arc, making it an absolute monster at clearing large groups of enemies. Personally, I like to use it on Gram Prime, taking advantage of the weapons massive base damage, critical damage, critical multiplier and the fact that the stance polarity slots on the weapon and the mod match.

I’m more than happy to say that Tempo Royale and Gram Prime is one of the strongest stance and weapon combos in the game right now. Some people prefer things like the Atterax or Scoliac for quick clears, but I find they don’t match the regal nature of a genuinely enormous sword.