Warframe – Tusk Thumper Spawn Locations Guide

Tusk Thumpers are a useful enemy to hunt for resources, but tracking them down in Warframe can be a pain without knowing where they spawn.


Tusk Thumpers are one of the enemies that players will face when they start exploring the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe. The resources they drop can be useful and lucrative, but tracking them down isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for the main Tusk Thumper spawn locations, so players never need to look too hard to find them.

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All Tusk Thumper Spawn Locations

Tusk Thumper Spawn locations

Tusk Thumpers are found across the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe. However, there are a few locations that players are more likely to find them than anywhere else. We’ve marked the locations on the map above and have listed them below so anyone can work through them while hunting.

  • Mount Nang – North on the Plains of Eidolon map.
  • Seaside Ruin – The westernmost location on the map.
  • Er-Phryah’s Vigil – South of Seaside Ruin.
  • The area north of Hillside Ruin.
  • The area Southwest, west, and northwest of Twin Horns.
  • West of Gara Toht Lake.

The easiest way to find a Tusk Thumper is to use an Archwing to fly to the Tusk Thumper spawn locations and see if any are walking around. If the player can’t find any at one location, they need to work through them all and then start again. Tusk Thumpers usually have a 3-minute spawn time, so they should show up by the time a player has looped through each spawn location once.

How To Kill A Tusk Thumper

Image via Digital Extremes

To kill a Tusk Thumper, simply shoot the armor plates off its legs, then hit the glowing green weak points underneath. The three different types of Tusk Thumper all have different amounts of health.

The level of Tusk Thumper that spawns is dependent on the global map level of the Plains at that time. If players are in a simple free-roam session, then the most basic Tusk Thumper will spawn. If, however, they’re doing a Level 5 Bounty, then the highest tier Tusk Thumper will spawn.

It helps to run a weapon or Warframe that can potentially slow down the Tusk Thumper, as they can dart about quite quickly for such a huge machine. We prefer to use the Catchmoon Kitgun to burst them down, as that insane handgun rapidly cuts through their armor and weak points.

All Tusk Thumper Drops in Warframe

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The Tusk Thumper can drop any of the following mods, at a roughly 2% chance.

  • Augur Secrets
  • Augur Seeker
  • Gladiator Finesse
  • Gladiator Vice
  • Stinging Thorn
  • Target Acquired
  • Vigilante Offence
  • Vigilante Supplies

They can also drop large amounts of Plains of Eidolon resources, such as resources derived from fishing, and mining. As such, they can be great ways to farm up large quantities of the things players need rapidly. Hunting them is a great way to double up on productivity because of the sheer number of resources that can be acquired.