Warframe: All Resources in Duviri & How to Get Them

Hunt them down or pick them up as you play through The Duviri Paradox.


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The Duviri Paradox adds not only an entirely new sandbox world to explore in Warframe, it also brings several new resources you can gather and use. However, not all of these resources are easy to find or understand. This guide explains where to find all the new resources, how to get them, and what they’re used for in Warframe.

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Every Resource in The Duviri Paradox and How to Get Them

Below, we’ve listed every resource you can get in Duviri, the new open world added to Warframe with The Duviri Paradox. You’ll also find an explanation of what each resource is and where to find it. Most of these resources are used to craft the new weapons and gear in the expansion, meaning they’re all worth collecting if you have the time.

How to Get Kullvero’s Bane in Warframe

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Kullvero’s Bane is a resource players can only acquire by completing the Kullvero’s Hold mission in Duviri, leading to them defeating Kullvero in the finale of their run. This mission will pop up in Fear, Sorrow, and Anger Spirals. The resource will only drop after the final boss has been defeated, meaning players will have to work through a full run before they can grab it. Kullvero’s Bane is spent to unlock blueprints with Acrithis at the end of every run in Duviri.

How to Get Uyemag Barb in Warframe

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Uyemag Barb only appears on Kullervo’s Hold, the floating prison island in Duviri. It’s a strange kind of cactus with an ornamental structure beneath it. The purple flowers are the easiest part of it to spot, but players will need to fly their Kaithe’s over to Kullervo’s Hold if they want to have any chance of finding them.

How to Get Pathos Clamp in Warframe

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Pathos Clamp might be the rarest resource in Duviri because it’s only dropped by the colossal dragon that terrorizes the entire region. To get it, you need to fly after this beast, known as the Orowym, and kill it to get this precious material. It’s not advisable to take this fight on until you’ve gotten some experience under your belt. When you feel powerful enough, get up there and destroy it so you can grab your Pathos Clamp.

How to Get Aggristone in Warframe

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Aggristone drops when you earn a Decree, but you can also find it by smashing Aggri Formations and Curax Dole around Duviri. These appear everywhere in Duviri, so you don’t need to seek them out to grind the resource. You won’t fully appreciate Aggristone until you’ve completed The Duviri Paradox, but it’s well worth picking up whenever you see it to make less work for yourself later.

How to Get Kovnik in Warframe

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Kovnik can be found in the shrub-like, leafy plants you’ll encounter in Duviri while playing The Duviri Paradox in Warframe. They glow yellow, but not as much as Sun Silph plants, and look much more like bushes than flowers. Attack the plant to get your hands on the Kovnik within. We’ve found this plant all over Duviri, but it seems to pop up more in the center of wide-open grassland spaces like Northwind Village and Farbreeze Hamlet.

How to Get Saggen Pearl in Warframe

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To get Saggen Pearl, keep an eye out for glowing containers on the ground called Saggen Wells around Duviri. When you smash these, they drop Saggen Pearl. You can find this abundant resource anywhere in Duviri, so there’s no need to grind for it. You can also get it when you earn a Decree, meaning you’ll probably have far too much of it by the time you come to use it.

How to Get Dracroot in Warframe

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Dracroot is another one of Duviri’s more abundant resources. You’ll find it in the grassy areas of the new region when playing Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox and can collect it by attacking the tentacled plants that sprout up out of the soil. The tentacles are red with glowing ends and appear at the entrances to caves. As with most of the resources in Duviri, it’s worth collecting early to save yourself some grinding later on in your Warframe journey.

How to Get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

Enigma Gyrum can only be obtained by completing Enigma Puzzles in Duviri. These are pillars with white symbols on them that you must use the environment to solve. Once you do, you’ll be rewarded with resources that include Enigma Gyrum. You can use this resource to purchase items like the Watchful Paragrimm from Acrithis in the player house in The Duviri Paradox.

How to Get Silphsela in Warframe

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Silphsela is the large golden flower called Sun Silph that grows around the edges of Duviri. To get Silphsela, you need to attack and destroy these flowers. If you’re exploring the region and want to find some, your best bet is to head to what we would call a coast, an edge of the region where you could jump off into the abyss. Some players have reported finding this resource in the Royalstead Pastures, The Farm, Mathilia Farm, Moirai Crossing, and Primrose Village locations on the Duviri map. However, we have always found it close to the edge of Duviri, wherever we are in the region.

How to Get Tasoma Extract in Warframe

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Tasoma is a somewhat rare resource in Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox because it only appears in caves. The plant you get it from, Tasoma, is an almost alien-like growth that comes up from the ground. It’s like a combination of mushrooms and tentacles. If you need some, seek out a cave and explore because you can’t go far without stumbling upon a Tasoma. This resource will come into play once you’ve finished the initial story in Duviri.

How to get Rune Marrow in Warframe

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To get Rune Marrow, you must destroy every Runic Compact you encounter in The Undercroft. These only appear in this part of Duviri, so you’ll need to complete many missions in The Duviri Paradox to have more chances to enter The Undercroft and grab Rune Marrow. This resource is critical for crafting new Warframe gear added with this expansion, so it pays to grind for it when you can.

How to get Eevani Extract in Warframe

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Eevani Extract is another resource that drops from a plant around Duviri in Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox expansion. However, we didn’t come across it in three hours of gameplay until we’d completed a full run of the region’s story. We got it first after killing the Orowym. This will mark the end of a run in Duviri and kick you back to orbit, but it’s a good way to ensure you see everything the expansion has to offer and start to collect some very elusive resources.

How to Get Connla Sprout Extract in Warframe

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You’ll collect Connla Sprout Extract by attacking the Connla Sprouts you can find around Duviri. These are rare plants in Warframe’s Duviri Paradox, and there’s no pattern to where they appear. However, they do stand out from the rest of the environment by glowing white, so they’re easy to spot. We suggest exploring Duviri at your own pace and checking out every glowing object just in case it’s a Connla Sprout if you want to maximize your collection of the resource.

How to Get Yao Shrub Extract in Warframe

You can get Yao Shrub by heading to the southern region of Duviri’s map, as low as you can go. It’s snowing down here, and this jellyfish-like plant loves the cold. Yao Shrub is probably the rarest resource in Warframe: The Duviri Paradox. Many players on the game’s subreddit are reporting that they can’t find it at all, and all the patch notes do is tell fans to search cold areas in Duviri.

How to Get Lamentus in Warframe

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Lamentus is a resource that drops from most enemies while on the surface world of Duviri. These enemies are a lot more challenging to defeat than those in The Undercroft, which is why you’ll get Lamentus when defeating them in your time in The Duviri Paradox.

How to Get Nacreous Pebble, Ariette Scale, & Maw Fang in Warframe

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You can only get Ariette Scale, Maw Fang, and Nacreous Pebble by engaging with the Maw Feeding activity in Duviri. To do this, you need to find the glowing circle platforms around Duviri and stand on them. Then, you’ll get a prompt to Feed the Ravenous Maw. When you interact with it, you’ll gain control over a Ravenous Maw in the nearby pond and must feed it by swimming after the fish in the pond and consuming them. Eat enough fish to reach the chest icon within the time limit, and you’ll be rewarded with all three of these resources.