Warframe – Where To Farm Toroids

Become a real player in the Vox Solaris.


To gain Standing with the new Vox Solaris Syndicate in Warframe, you will need to farm Toroids. Toroids can be tough to find, but they do pop up in a few different places on the map, and under a couple of different circumstances. Toroids are also needed to build Warframes such as Baruuk, Garuda, and Hildryn.

Where To Farm Toroids


To gain Standing with Vox Solaris, you will need to find Toroids. Different types of Toroids will drop from enemies in the following areas;

  • Vega Toroid – drop from enemies at Spaceport
  • Calda Toroid – drop from enemies at Enrichment Labs
  • Sola Toroid – drop from enemies at Temple of Profit
  • Crisma Toroid – drop from the Profit-Taker during Phase 4 of the Heist
  • Lazulite Toroid – drop from the Exploiter Orb upon death

To farm the non-boss fight Toroids, head for any of the above areas, and start killing enemies. Don’t destroy the Reinforcement Beacons, as this will allow an almost endless stream of enemies to flood the area. These drops are very rare, so it can take a while to get any. Make sure you are continually moving through the areas that enemies die in, to ensure you don’t miss one. You may also want to bring a Vacuum style mod for your Sentinel or Pet, to make picking them up easier.

We would also advise you do this in a full squad of four people. The more squad members you have with you, the more enemies will spawn and the faster you can kill them, making it much quicker to farm these rare drops. Each enemy at the Spaceport, Enrichment Labs and Temple of Profit has a roughly 2% chance of dropping a Toroid on death.

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Toroids can also be found in certain caves scattered around Orb Vallis. It appears to be a random spawn, so it can be a bit hit or miss. They are also reasonably well hidden within the caves, but once you find them once you will know where to check in the future.

Those are the only two ways to get Toroids, that we currently know of, and farming at the marked locations is a much better option than hoping for random spawns in caves. With them being used by Vox Solaris, and with the hinted increase of their importance in the game, it may be possible to farm them up by other means in the future.

When you are farming Toroids, you should try to bring a Smeeta Kavat, as their Charm ability will increase the amount of Toroids you pick up. You can also use Warframes such as Nekros with Desecrate, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome, Hydoid with Pilfering Swarm, or Ivara’s Prowl to increase the number of drops you get. A Resource Booster will also affect the amount of Toroids that you pick up, doubling the amount of each pickup.