Warrior build guide for Loop Hero

Turn your warrior into Conan the barbarian.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Loop Hero’s three classes all have their advantages. If you’re looking for high damage output, the rogue is probably the way to go. And the necromancer makes things easy by letting you build an army of the undead. However, if you want to make an unkillable, potion-chugging beast, the warrior is the way to go. Here are some of the things we’ve been using to make our warrior into the best tank possible.

Regen over everything

This is the most important aspect of creating your warrior. The class lacks in speed and damage output, and they make up for it with the ability to stay alive. You can boost that greatly by going after items with regen on them. In fact, by the time you meet the boss, you’re going to want as many regen items as you can find, even if that means holding off on bringing the boss onto the map.

Doing this serves multiple purposes. The most obvious is that you’ll stay alive longer. However, that also means the warrior will start to do more damage. This is because the class has a baseline trait that increases damage by two percent for every second they’re in battle. If you can stay alive longer, you’ll start doling out serious damage.

Mountains and meadows are your friend

Mountains give you bonus health points each time you place one down. Meadows give you more health regen per day. Pairing them both with river tiles doubles their effect. You’re going to want as many of these as possible to stay alive.

You’re also going to want a beacon and blood grove for killing the boss. The beacon speeds up your attack but doesn’t do the same for the boss. And the blood groove will kill the boss at 15% health, getting you out of trouble in a pinch.

The final cards to consider are things like the village and vampire mansion combo. Placing these beside each other will eventually unlock the count’s manor, which will give you better gear through higher quality quests.

What about traits?

In our experience, the warrior’s traits matter less than they do for other classes. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them, but the warrior-specific traits don’t feel as game-changing as some rogue and necromancer traits.

Also, we like anything with a stun. That gives you some extra time to build damage without needing to take a hit to your health bar. Outside of those, our favorite of the bunch is probably Somersault, as it gives you a chance for an extra attack each time you evade.

Once you put these tips into action, you’ll soon have a devastating force on your hands. While warriors don’t kill things quickly, they’ll eventually get there.