What are gleamy Ooblets and how do you find them in Ooblets?

It’s a pretty rare find.

Image via Glumberland

Ooblets features a variety of different Ooblets to add to your team to use in dance battles around town. While there are several types of Ooblets, you may have noticed in the almanac section of your Grumboire that each has an uncommon and a gleamy option. Gleamy Ooblets work similarly to the concept of shiny Pokémon. A shiny Pokémon is a uniquely colored Pokémon that are extremely rare to find. For example, a traditional Charmander is colored yellow and orange, and has red flames, whereas the shiny one is yellow and black, and has blue flames. A gleamy Ooblets work roughly the same.

You will notice a gleamy Ooblet when you pass by it in town. You may see it standing amongst other Ooblets, likely making it stand out because it doesn’t quite fit the same color scheme as the others. Much like other Ooblet dance battles you’ve done, you will need to give it whatever vegetables or items it requests to dance against it. If you don’t have those items on you, you may need to rush back to your farm or grab them somewhere in town. Missing out of them does mean you won’t be able to capture them until you encounter another.

Unfortunately, much like shiny Pokémon, a gleamy Ooblet is incredibly hard to find, and you will find them by random chance. You don’t have a particular technique or process to go about finding them. The only thing you can do is routinely investigate Badgetown, check every available spot that contains Ooblets, and see if you find one. All of the Ooblets refresh each day, so you want to check them out whenever you have the time.