What are the accessibility options in Alan Wake Remastered?

There are more options in the remaster.

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Coming to us from Remedy Entertainment, the accessibility options in Alan Wake Remastered make sense. While not on the level of Control, with its assist modes, this remaster of the 2010 action-horror title has many more options for disabled players or players with specific preferences.

The original Alan Wake only offered users the option of enabling or disabling subtitles. The remaster goes a step further with individual sliders for subtitle size and textbox opacity. In a game with tons of dark environments, this is sure to help visually impaired gamers.

Diving into the controls submenu, Alan Wake was pretty barebones. You could invert the camera on both axes, but camera sensitivity was dictated by a single slider. Alan Wake Remastered keeps the overall sensitivity slider. However, this is joined by additional vertical and horizontal sensitivity sliders for more fine control.

There is still no controller remapping, but there’s still decent customization in comparison to the original console release. Players have options for swapping the functions of the triggers and analog sticks. This means shooting with the left trigger and shining the flashlight with the right trigger rather than the other way around. The same idea applies to the thumbsticks.

Alan Wake Remastered also introduces a new control preset for driving vehicles. The original release had a default and an alternate control scheme. Default controls relegated acceleration to the right trigger and steering to the left stick. The alternate method mapped acceleration to the left stick and steering to the right stick. The remaster keeps these options intact while also adding in a modern preset. The modern preset layout is exactly like the original default except players now have a dedicated button for centering the camera.