What are the green hologram pedestals in Returnal?

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Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Tower of Sisyphus is a dark place filled with mystery in Returnal. One of the things you’ll encounter early on is green hologram pedestals that you can’t interact with. This guide explains what these pedestals are and how you can use them in your time with the game.

How to use the green hologram pedestals

Screenshot by Gamepur

These green hologram pedestals are latent Sisyphean Offerings. You’ll be used to seeing red ones dotted around the tower. They have red orbs that you shoot to activate the offering and get a key or other valuable item. These green hologram pedestals are green Sisyphean Offerings, but you can’t access them until you’ve collected three White Poppies.

Once you’ve collected these White Poppies from around the tower and have visited the hospital with each one, you’ll begin to see green orbs over these green hologram pedestals. This means that you can shoot them and activate the offering, which is almost always a shield item of some description.

These pedestals don’t always appear in abundance on each of your runs in the Tower of Sisyphus, but you should use each one because you never know what challenges the next floor will bring. An extra shield could be the difference between killing the boss or failing and being sent to the bottom of the tower.