What do cows eat in Minecraft?

The cows are hungry.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cows are among some of the most common farm animals you can find in Minecraft. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to tame them and add them to your farm whenever you need them. Because you can find them all over, you want to make sure you have plenty of food to take care of them and potentially breed them if you want to add more cows to your base.

You won’t have to worry about a wide variety of food. The only thing that cows eat in Minecraft is wheat. You can acquire wheat by cutting down any grown wheat tiles you find. A fully grown wheat pile has the chance to drop wheat seeds, which you can plant closer to your base to make it easier to harvest in the future. Your cows will also enter love mode when you give both of them wheat, producing a calf. You can do this every five minutes. You have the option of increasing the calf’s growth time by giving them wheat.

If you’re having trouble attempting to lure a cow to your base, you can use a lead, or you can hold a piece of wheat in your hand. A cow will follow you if you hold it near their face, so don’t feed them the wheat immediately until you get them inside a pen. You want to have a pen or fence around them to ensure they don’t get away because cows cannot be tamed.