What do Nexomon whistles do?

Don’t blow your chances of success.

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Don’t be shocked if you’re halfway through Nexomon: Extinction and still wonder what several strange items do. At first glance, many of these items seem meaningless and not worth your time to learn about. If you take this approach, you’ll be even more frustrated when you see traders offer you only a ridiculous little whistle for a few hundred coins. Though, like an unevolved Nexomon, these miniature knick-knacks can play a major role in you becoming a big-league tamer. 

Where to find them

You’ll see whistles for the first time when strolling through the markets and traders of Parum, and then through all other major locations. Each whistle’s official title will always mention a Nexomon-type beforehand. The reason being, each element-focused whistle gives you a bigger chance of catching that type of creature. For instance, having a handful of fire-whistles will gift you a likely chance of catching someone like the fiery Lume or Tiki. 

How to use each whistle

Each whistle grants you a 3% higher chance of catching the type it’s based on. However, it’s not used mid-battle. Instead, they stay in your inventory forever and can be stacked with the others you have. Before attempting to catch a Nexomon, there’s a prompt that displays how your whistle collection is changing your probability, so you’ll always know your stacking progress.

Although you may start out the game with a 15% chance of successfully catching a monster, whistles can give you a major boost from what you first experience. With enough whistles and some food, your chances can be as high as the coveted 100%. Even if traders don’t drive a hard bargain, it’s still worth forking over some dough for these underestimated pieces of virtual plastic.