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What does Jebaited mean on Twitch? Answered

It isn't nice to tell lies.

Twitch chats seem to have gotten to the point where they use their own language. This is particularly felt by those new to the platform and trying to engage with a streamer for the first time. It would certainly be easier with a dictionary for some words. This guide explains what Jebaited means on Twitch and whether you should be using it or not.

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What does Jebaited mean?

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Jebaited is a complex term to get your head around if you try to align the word with the meaning. Someone in Twitch chat would type this if they managed to trick a streamer into clicking a link that leads somewhere they weren’t expecting but also makes them laugh. For example, a streamer could ask for a link to a developer website, then someone in chat will share the link. If the streamer clicks on the link and it leads to a funny video that makes them laugh, then the user in chat would type “Jebaited.”

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Is Jebaited offensive?

Jebaited is almost always used to refer to a joke made with the best intentions. However, there are instances where a streamer can be Jebaited with a link that leads to a website that could get them in trouble, say for a dangerous group forum or something that isn’t safe for work. In these instances, the Twitch user sharing the links is usually a troll who just wants a reaction and nothing more. Most of the time, they won’t be part of the streamer’s dedicated and regular community. Streamers are usually smart enough to avoid clicking links from their chat unless they recognize a loyal user, but sometimes they let their guard down, and that can lead to an offensive form of being Jebaited.

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