What does Malding mean on Twitch? Answered

Know if you should be offended.

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Twitch chat can be filled with slang that you have no chance of understanding unless you have it excruciatingly explained to you. One of the words that fit this is Malding, something that, on the surface, could be offensive or might refer to a type of ice cream because it rhymes. This guide explains what Malding means on Twitch, so you know how to respond when someone uses it to describe you.

What does Malding mean?

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Malding is a blend of “mad” and “balding.” When someone says you are Malding, they’re accusing you of being mad, maybe angry or acting insane, and balding, insinuating that you’re losing or have lost your hair. It’s an easy word to throw out, particularly against streamers who have lost their hair, like Pyrion Flax, or those on the way to losing it or making jokes about it, such as Sips.

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Is Malding offensive?

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Malding isn’t necessarily offensive. It depends on the context in which it was said, as with most words like this. Generally, if someone in Twitch chat calls the streamer Malding, they’re joking. The streamer should see and highlight it if they think it’s a funny joke. Otherwise, they’ll likely ignore it. On the other hand, if someone in Twitch chat calls another viewer Malding, it probably is meant offensively because, unless the two people are in contact outside of the chatroom, these two individuals have no idea what the other looks like.

Most people wouldn’t consider being called mad or balding very nice when it’s face to face, and a lot of context is lost through chats like Twitch. If you don’t want to offend anyone accidentally, it’s best to reserve the use of Malding for the streamer, as long as they’re a good sport about that sort of thing or users you know in the chat.