What is Beffica’s favorite snack in Bugsnax?

It’s an open secret.


Image via Sony

When you start doing tasks for Beffica in Bugsnax she will first ask you to scan six different Bugsnax in the area, and then you will need to find and feed her the Bugnax that she likes the most. She won’t tell you what her favorite Bugsnax actually is, you just need to figure it out on your own. Luckily, there is a clue inside her cave, as she has a drawing of it on the wall, surrounded by hearts.

To save you some time, Beffica’s favorite Bugsnax is the Weenyworm, this is actually easy enough to miss in the area, so we will show you where to find it. From Beffica’s cave, cross the bridge, head down the fallen tree, and then go straight into the tunnel in front of you between the two cliffs. Follow the path until the end, then turn left.

Here you will see a small circular fence, and crawling around it will be a Weenyworm. Weenyworm’s are easy to catch, but they will run and hide if they see you. Wait until it is on the far side of the fence, then set up your Snak Trap. You can put down some ketchup if you like, as weeny worms love it. After that, stand well back and wait for the Weenyworm to crawl around to the trap, then catch it. 

Bring it back to Beffica and feed it to her to finish up the quest.