What is Builder in Battlefield 2042?

Choices, choices.

Image by EA

Battlefield 2042 will be introduced all manner of new options for players to enjoy, including an unprecedented level of under the hood fiddling that they will be able to do.

The game will launch with a special mode called Builder that allows players to create their own experiences, load them into a server, and play them with the community. Players will be able to change all manner of settings and logic within the game to develop their own modes and features.

The mode will even include an advanced visual scripting tool that manipulates game elements called Logic Blacks. People can then test their work using the in-game AI before unleashing it on the public.

The Builder modes customizable features will includes

  • Maps- Pick from the selection of 13 available maps
  • Modes- Choose from a range of game modes – weather it be more established modes like Rush or Conquest, or starting with something completely custom
  • Mode Settings – Fine tune various details within the mode including:
  • Faction – choose which soldiers, weapons, and vehicles are in the game
  • Mobility – explore with different settings for ADS speed, going prone, and more
  • Visibilty – you can play around with the HUD, and turn off minimaps and player chevrons for those glorious hardcore server days
  • Arsenal – restrict the weapons that players have access to
  • Scale – mess around with the size and capacity of each team.

Builder basically seems like an expended version of private servers, without going the route of private servers, which at least show that EA is trying to meet that community somewhere in the middle when it comes to competitive scenes, clans, and consumer choice.