What is Citadel Mode in Samurai Warriors 5?

Fight to build up your castle alongside friends.


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Citadel Mode is a secondary game mode in Samurai Warriors 5. However, it plays into Musou Mode and almost every other aspect of the game, but it’s very different from the core musou-style gameplay. This guide explains what Citadel mode is and why you’ll use it throughout your time with the game.

What is Citadel Mode?

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Citadel Mode is a crossover between musou-style battles and a tower defense minigame. First, you’ll pick which two characters you want to take into battle. Then, you’ll be dumped outside your castle, ready for a fight. Waves of enemies will then begin to approach, and you’ll have to fight them off. If these enemies break through your defenses, they’ll wear away at your castle’s health. If that health reaches zero, you lose. The battle ends either when you defeat the enemy’s leader or when the timer runs out.

Why you should play Citadel Mode?

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Citadel Mode rewards you with two things: relationship boosts between the characters you pick and supplies. Regardless of which characters you bring into a Citadel Mode battle, their relationship will be advanced by a certain amount. The more you build these relationships, the more conversations you can replay between those characters from the game’s Musou Mode in the Vault.

Supplies are used to upgrade buildings. From your Dojo to the Stables, every building can be upgraded — the higher a building’s level, the more benefits it offers. For example, the Blacksmith will be able to upgrade weapons to a higher level and rank the higher its own level is. This is true of character aspects as well, such as Weapon Mastery. It’s in your best interest to upgrade these buildings because you’ll gain more powerful characters as a result.

Once you’ve completed the Training mission in Citadel Mode, you’ll unlock supplies in the Shop. While you can buy them to upgrade your buildings, having a stronger relationship between characters will pay off in more ways than you think. Specific interactions are locked behind these relationships, so building them up over time before important battles will reveal secret and hidden cutscenes or conversations.