What is COD in Madden 21?

A new rating attribute has been added to Madden.

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The Madden development team has added a new rating attribute to the game titled COD, and one of the game’s designers gave us an idea as to how it will affect the gameplay for Madden 21.

COD is short for Change of Direction, per Madden gameplay designer Clint Oldenburg. Oldenburg on Twitter stated that this new rating will replace what used to be the Elusiveness (ELU) rating, which affected how effective a player was at avoiding tackles. Oldenburg stated that this new rating “controls the speed at which a player can turn.” He added that this rating will also affect the speed that a player decelerates, something that is very important when it comes to making a sharp direction change.

It’s also important to note that this new attribute will affect players on both sides of the ball, meaning players on offense and defense. Previously, the ELU category only affected ball-carrier positions, such as a running back or a wide receiver.