What is Knotwords? – A New Wordle-Like Scrabble Game

A new word game on the market.

Image via Zach Gage / Steam

Word games are on the rise, as players crave the daily challenge of assembling words together from a string of letters. The success of these logic puzzles comes from the now-famous Wordle, which has inspired plenty of other clones such as Quordle, Octordle, and Heardle. Now, a new word game is on the rise, and that’s Knotwords.

Created independently by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger, Knotwords is a game recommended by even the creator of Wordle himself, Josh Wardle. This game is not exactly like the Wordle clones out there in the market – you don’t have to match a target word from five different letters. Instead, Knotwords more closely resembles the classic crossword puzzle.

Each puzzle is made of anagrams that assemble within each other like a crossword puzzle. Each anagram must then come together to form a word. However, this game does resemble a crossword puzzle, so each line you make also needs to form a word as well.

Image via Zach Gage / Steam

It’s a difficult yet elegant twist on the anagram game formula, and just like Wordle, the game offers daily challenges for players to engage in every day. However, many of the game’s features are locked behind a paywall, so unlike the free-to-play Wordle, you will have to shell out some cash. You can download Knotwords for free with in-app purchases on iOS or Android, or purchase a full version of the game on Steam.