What is the difference between Holowear and Premium Holowear in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon cosmetics.

Image via The Pokémon Company International

The Holowear technology in Pokémon Unite allows you to dress up your Pokémon in various unique cosmetics. The costume uses Aeos energy, and it lets you make your Pokémon appear unique while battling against other trainers. There are two types of Holowear in Pokémon Unite. There’s the standard Holowear, and then there’s the Premium Holowear. In this guide, we’re going to detail the differences between Holowear and Premium Holowear.

The Holowear items worn by your Pokémon in Pokémon Unite give them a diverse appearance option, so even if there are two Pikachus on the battlefield, they’re going to look different if one is wearing a Holowear item, and the other is not. The big difference between the standard Holowear and the Premium Holowear cosmetics is that the Premium Holowear items are always on a Pokémon. In contrast, the standard only activates when a Pokémon reaches its final evolution.

If you’re using a Charmander during your match and it has a standard Holowear cosmetic, the option will not activate until it evolves into a Charizard. However, when you’re using the premium version, your Charmander will start the game with the item activated, and you’ll be able to see it through each evolution, so Charmander’s second form, Charmeleon, will also be wearing the Holowear appearance.

Many of the Premium Holowear cosmetic items will be available in the Pokémon Unite Store or as a free part of the Pokémon Unite battle pass for those who purchase the ticket during any active season. The type of Premium Holowear items available will vary for each season, likely promoting certain seasonal themes or even new Pokémon added to the game.