What is the Dream SMP Music Genre on Spotify?

What do Minecraft and Spotify have in common?

Image via Mojang

Every year, the popular music platform Spotify releases an annual summary called Spotify Wrapped. It normally features compiled data about the activity on their platform, specifically personalized for the user. It most notably lists the most popular artists, genres, songs, etc, that each individual user has listened to the most over the past year. However, outside of the normally expected features, this year many people were surprised to find something called Dream SMP listed as a music genre on their Wrapped cards.

What is Dream SMP?

As can be clued in from the name, Dream SMP stands for Dream’s “survival multiplayer.” It represents a well-known Minecraft server created and hosted by a Minecraft YouTuber called Dream and many of his friends that are content creators, streamers, and fellow YouTubers. At some points in its history, the server was even visited by personalities such as Ninja, MrBeast, and Pokimane. It is predominantly a roleplay server with a long-standing history of overarching characters, storylines, factions, alliances, and much more.

Relation to Spotify

Knowing what Dream SMP represents doesn’t really show any clear connection to Spotify. However, there is a possible meta reason as to why it suddenly sprung up as a so-called genre. Many players who take part in the storylines on the server also like to link relevant music tracks and make playlists, while some of them even created their own songs about the server and the events that happen there. Soon enough, all of that was marked down as Dream SMP for ease of reference.

Yet it seems that the tracks and collections grew big and popular enough to warrant a spot on Spotify users’ annual lists, which boggles the mind when you think about it. Some would dismiss the occurrence as a meme or a mistake, but if you have listened to music by artists such as Willbur Soot, Lovejoy, Derivakat, Tubbo, Corpse, Undertale, Heat Waves, Alec Benjamin, Lucas Lex, Lemon Demon, Kroh, CG5, and others — then chances are, you’ve seen Dream SMP listed as one of your top genres.