What is the Hired Gun Kit in Red Dead Online?

Get a head start with this cheap kit in Red Dead Online.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the release of Red Dead Online’s latest update, Dead Money, any player can access a suite of new content. Regardless of their rank, players can take on new missions from criminal elements across the west to earn Capitale, a new commodity used to access old-west heists. However, for those with the gold to spend, there is a way to get a head start in the Dead Money update.

Fences across the west now carry a couple of new items. First and foremost, they sell Capitale by itself, with a bundle of 10 costing just three gold bars. However, those with a bit more gold on hand can purchase the Hired Gun Kit, a bundle of rewards meant to help any aspiring criminal get on their feet and start making money the dirty way.

The Hired Gun Kit is sold by fences for five gold bars and includes a new bandana, a sizable amount of ammo, consumables, gun oil to keep your weapons in peak condition, and an extra 10 notes of Capitale. The entire bundle is sent to your lockbox, which can either be accessed at your camp or from any post office in Red Dead Online.

For any unestablished player, the Hired Gun Kit is a fantastic offering, giving you a head start on all the content available in Red Dead online’s Blood Money update.