What is the hospital’s safe code in Resident Evil 3: Remake?

Obtain an extremely useful weapon upgrade.

Locked safes and special lockers are hidden all over Resident Evil 3: Remake. You need to find specific codes to open them up or have unique tools to gain access to them. Luckily, you obtain the lock pick reasonably early in the game to open up any pesky locks you find. But there are a handful of safes littered throughout the game you need to open, and finding their specific codes can take a bit of sleuthing. Here’s what you need to know to find the hospital’s safe code.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The safe’s location is in the Nurses’ Station inside the hospital on the second floor. When you find it, several doors are being hit by various zombies. Find a good position to wait for them to go through, and then take them out. After that, you’re free to roam around the area without being attacked, for now.

The code to the safe is 9 right, and then 3 left. It’s a quick two-digit code. After you unlock it, you’ll now have a dual magazine for your assault rifle, making it even easier to shoot at a single enemy at once.

For those wondering where to find the code, you need to go down to the first floor to enter the operating room, to the left of the emergency entrance. To gain access to this room, you need to obtain a key from the courtyard by jumping down from the second floor and then acquiring an ID card from the staff room using that key. When you go to the operating room, the code is on the note next to the operating table.