What is the pink Lucky Bell in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury?

Cats get all the luck.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury brings back a Wii U classic while integrating sandbox exploration. Among your travels between either game in this package, you will come across plenty of handy power-ups. Staples in the Mario games like the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star are all here, with some returning ones in the Tanooki Leaf and Boomerang Flower.

The star of the show in these games, though, are the Power Bell power-ups, which give your character the Catsuit. In this form, you can climb walls and swipe at enemies with your claws. There is an additional bell power-up that will put you into the Catsuit as well. It is pink, and its name is the Lucky Bell. This is what happens when you grab it.

When you find the pink Lucky Bell, you may be questioning what is different about your appearance. At first sight, it appears that nothing has changed between the normal Catsuit and what you have now. If you look closer, you will notice the bell you picked up is around your character’s neck.

So we have determined the physical change when you grab the Lucky Bell, but what about the power-up itself? Is there any reason to take this over the normal Catsuit? The answer is, for the most part, they are precisely the same power-up, except for one difference. A difference that is a call back to a classic Mario power-up from back in the NES days.

When you go to do a ground pound in the Lucky Bell suit, you will be transformed into a golden statue of yourself, an obvious reference to the Tanooki power-up, which made its debut in Super Mario Bros 3. While in this statue form, you cannot be damaged, but the best use of this power-up is actually to get rich off of it.

When you transform into the statue, you will begin gathering coins the further down you drop. In Bowser’s Fury, you can use this as an excellent means to collect power-ups in your inventory. Just go to a high point in the map, drop to the bottom, and profit off it. In Super Mario 3D World, the power-up is rarer, but if you do get your hands on it, you can use it to rack up some extra lives if you find a good spot to do it.