What is the release date of Planet of Lana?

Planet of Lana will be a high concept puzzle adventure on its release.

Image via Thunderful Publishing

Planet of Lana, a sci-fi puzzle adventure game on a self-described “epic” scale, is coming soon to PC and Xbox consoles. However, how soon is rather a closely guarded secret for now, but we know a few things already.

According to Takeshi Furukawa, composer of The Last Guardian, who made some comments before the game’s world premiere trailer at The Game Awards 2021, Planet of Lana is a sci-fi story centered around “a heartfelt relationship between a young girl and an adorable creature.”

The trailer showed off a gorgeously-realized desert landscape reminiscent of Star Wars’ Tatooine, as a young girl is chased through the sands by a horde of menacing machines. A screenshot from the game’s website shows the adorable creature Furukawa mentioned facing off against an enormous and many-toothed beast.

The trailer presented a beautiful selection of scenes set to a sweeping score by Furukawa. By the end, the only information granted to the audience about when Planet of Lana is coming out was that it would be releasing sometime in 2022. More than that is not known now, except that the game will release on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.