What is the release date of Amazon’s MMO New World?

New World has been delayed, yet again. Here’s when we can expect to play.

Amazon announced New World last year, and it was one of the most anticipated games coming out this year, mostly because of the fact that it was one of Amazon’s first big releases on PC. The game, despite being a fantasy MMO, is set in North America in the 17th century and includes expansion and exploration elements. The game was slated to release in May, however, the coronavirus pandemic pushed the game’s release to August. Now, though, it seems like the game will not be releasing in 2020 altogether.

Amazon has announced that it will be delaying New World to Spring 2021. Amazon Game Studios Studio Director Rich Lawrence revealed that while the feedback received from the Alpha audience was positive, the team wants to improve the midgame and endgame experience before release. Therefore, it will be delaying both the release and the final beta testing of the game to Spring 2021. This is the major second delay the game has seen, and it seems like the backlash Amazon received for Crucible likely contributed to this postponement as well.

Amazon’s track record in the game development industry hasn’t been the best so far. Quite recently, Crucible was bizarrely un-released and put back into a beta state after it received an abysmal response from the community. It seems like Amazon is being extra careful this time around, attempting to ensure that it doesn’t repeat the same mistakes again.

New World indeed looks promising and if Amazon takes player feedback seriously, it might actually turn out to be a successful venture for the company.