What is the release date of Lost Ark?

The wait is nearly over.

Lost Ark, the massively multiplayer online action role-playing game that has been dominating hype lists for years now finally has a western release window. While no exact date is specified, the game will be coming in the Fall this year, which is exciting news for everyone who felt that it releasing in the west was a dream.

Lost Ark combines crisp and striking graphics with incredibly quick and impactful gameplay to really stand out among the action-RPG genre. The game has been playable in Russia and Korea for years but is finally making its way to the west.

Publishing duties for the game’s western release are being handled by Amazon, who appear to be trying to double-down in their role as publisher after walking away from the majority of their game development projects.

Lost Ark will bring everything that people expect from their action RPGs in an online MMO package, and it goes without saying that as a Korean-based game, there will be plenty of grind for people who enjoy that type of thing. A huge variety of skills and abilities across a massive range of classes is one of the standout features, and the game should offer something to suit all comers.