What is the release time for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC?

Bring a piece of PlayStation to PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC

Very soon, PC players will understand why PlayStation fans get ecstatic whenever Horizon Zero Dawn is mentioned. This is because the game is finally touching down on Steam in just hours. However, the exact hour for when games release on Steam tends to vary. If you’re trying to figure out when you can play Guerrilla Games’ 2017 smash hit, we are here to lend a hand.

When is the Horizon Zero Dawn unlock time on Steam?

Steam PC players will be able to access Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition precisely on August 7, at 8am Pacific Daylight Time, 11am Eastern Daylight Time, and 4pm British Summer Time. If you’re outside these areas and need some calculation for when that is for you, luckily, fans have created a launch countdown personalized for everyone, everywhere

Before you purchase the game, you might want to ensure that your PC can thoroughly run the once-PlayStation exclusive. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition includes the standard edition of the game, it’s Frozen Wilds expansion, all additional in-game cosmetics, and a digital artbook.

Can you pre-load Horizon Zero Dawn on PC?

Yes, the game is available for pre-load on Steam.