What is the Safe Code in Inscryption? Answered

Do you want to know answer, or do want to know where to find the answer?

Image via Daniel Mullins

Finding the code for the safe in Inscryption is one of the first puzzles you have to solve in this unique deck builder. It’s an early game puzzle, and fortunately, the solution to finding the safe code in Inscryption is simple and won’t take long to discover for yourself.

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How to find the Safe Code in Inscryption

Image via Daniel Mullins Games

You start Inscryption at a table with a deck full of cards. Inscryption is a roguelike deck-builder game with a supernatural twist. The cards in your hands can make noises and even speak to you. Stoat is one of the first cards you’ll have, and they will provide tips to you if you ever feel lost. If you check out the Stoat card, they’ll hand out hints to wear to find codes for the safe.

You can get up from the table anytime the map is laid out and look around the room. The safe should be hidden somewhere in the room, but that’s not where you should look at first. On your immediate left, the rulebook is on a small table below a hammer nailed to the wall. The rulebook should contain all the rules and terms for the type of games you will be playing in Inscryption. The first page you open and see should be the Mighty Leap page, and stamped on the page is the code for the safe.

What is the code for the safe in Inscryption?

The safe has three dials on top of each other. The code stamped in the rulebook is the same in all versions. The safe code, from top to bottom, should be 2-7-3. There will be a key and the Stink Bug card inside the safe. Stink Bug will also talk to you and guide you through your adventures in the game. Opening the safe is the first part of solving the Clock Puzzle for Inscryption. You then use the key to unlock the dresser in the back of the room. Opening the dresser will lead you to the Cabin Sliding Puzzle.