What is Valorant error code 29?

Things are a little shakey.


Image via Riot Games

Valorant is the competitive first-person shooter created by Riot Games, featuring a heavy focus on a team-based economy and teams have the best of 24 rounds to dominate their competition. Players are sometimes experiencing several instances of server issues, and a notable error code that pops up is error code 29.

Unfortunately, like many of the error codes in Valorant, it does not detail too much about what you can expect or why it’s happening to you. When you see this error code, it boils down to server issues on Riot’s side. They have an influx of players coming and going, along with new population numbers surging to the game. The game’s servers are slightly unstable, so you could see it pop up again, especially if you keep trying to restart the application over and over again.

Your best bet to approach this error code is to wait for things to stable out. Other players likely have the same experience as you, so you can bet Riot is on the case. You can check the team’s Twitter page, or investigate a server status page to identify when things will level out, enabling you to play with more stability.

You’re better off pulling away from Valorant for a bit and trying another title. There’s always a good time for a break. The solution for this error code is patience, and you may even experience one of the other many error codes found in the game, such as 43, 7, 12, or 38.

Don’t push for the developers to have things sorted out too quickly. While they may be working on it, they could need a bit more time to test that the game’s stability had returned, and they can accept players back into it without kicking them back out just as quickly.