What is Valorant error code 39?

What can you do about it?

How to fix Valorant cannot be launched error

Image via playvalorant.com

Valorant error code 39 will prevent a player from logging into the game to play a match. What’s the exact information regarding the error code? Unfortunately, it has to do with the developer’s server, which means Riot is having trouble attempting to connect players to the game and are trying to come up with a solution.

If you see a pop up for error code 39, there’s not much you can do. All of the problems have to do with Riot’s side of things. It’s likely the problem is not just you, and you can check it out by visiting DownDetector for Valorant. Once you jump to the website, you should see a considerable spike of other players having the same problems. Server issues usually occur to a good majority of those playing the game. 

The only solution we can offer you when experiencing error code 39 is to step away from Valorant and play another game. You can also monitor Valorant’s twitter page to see if the developers have insight into how long the problem will likely last. Alternatively, you can check out Riot Games’ twitter account to directly learn anything, or Riot Games Support twitter, to see if the problem is large enough to warrant a tweet about how long they need to come up with a solution. 

The support twitter account is extraordinarily helpful in providing information directly to the community, so following that and checking for updates is likely your best bet. Overall, you have to remain patient and wait for the servers to become stable once again.