What is XL candy and how does it work in Pokémon Go?

More items to take up more inventory space.

Image via Niantic

A new item will make its way to Pokémon Go called XL candy, and you can bet trainers want to have access to it as much as possible. It’s an interesting item you can find in your inventory that has several uses. While it’s another thing to keep track of in your Pokémon Go journey, you’ll find it has a variety of uses to it.

XL candy will be what you need to acquire if you want to increase the CP of your favorite Pokémon. To go past the traditional limits of level 40, these special candies will be your primary focus. It’ll be a similar process to how trainers used the previous candy, except this one is a specific one that works for trainers who have gone past level 40. If you have not reached past level 40 already, you won’t need to worry about it, and you can’t use XL candy.

Before thinking about obtaining XL candy, you want to make sure that your trainer level has gone past level 40. You’ll be able to do this starting in 2021, where trainers will need to reach a certain level of XP, as they traditionally do, and then complete a level-up research quest to complete. Upon completing that quest, a trainer’s level will go up, and then they’ll be able to use XL candy to increase their Pokémon’s personal level. It’ll take a lot of experience points to do it, and the level-up research is also time consuming.

It won’t be an immediate shift to having the most powerful Pokémon, but every little bit counts. Trainers will be able to reach level 50, so Pokémon will also be following this progress, which means trainers will need a lot of XL candy to reach these new CP levels.