What special infected are in Back 4 Blood?

These guys have something to say about you still breathing.

Back 4 Blood returns the cooperative zombie-killing action we have been waiting for since Left 4 Dead 2 was released in 2009. Included in many of the similar returning aspects of the game are special infected. These are people who have been turned into the Ridden but have mutated beyond the common infected you will see grouped together and have special powers to harm and trap cleaners. Here are all of the special infected Ridden in Back 4 Blood.

Note: we have seen these special infected referenced with multiple names. We will update this article when we have more information on why that is. Also, with Back 4 Blood being in pre-alpha, there is a chance Turtle Rock Studios could announce more special infected in the future.


Via Turtle Rock Studios

The Hocker/Stinger is the replacement for the hunter from Left 4 Dead, but with more trapping uses. These four-armed monsters spit a glob of phlegm at cleaners to keep them trapped in one spot. If caught, you need to go to your ally and melee them so they can move freely again. They will not be able to shoot like shown in the reveal trailer. As of this writing, we have not seen a stinger land a pounce, so we do not know if they stay on top of survivors and claw at their health until knocked off like the hunter does, but the way they jump around is very similar to the hooded special infected from Left 4 Dead, although it can stick to walls.


Via Turtle Rock Studios

This special infected type has only been referred to as a Retch. These bulking enemies are similar to a combination of the Spitter and Boomer from Left 4 Dead. They projectile vomit acid at players that will do damage over time and have a chance to alert the horde to your presence. When killed, they explode unless you hit them with headshots.

Tall Boy/Bruiser

Via Turtle Rock Studios

Referred to as Tallboys or Bruisers, these vertically-gifted special infected slam their giant club onto the ground, which puts out a shockwave effect on anyone near impact. If too close, you will be thrown back with a significant chunk of damage. Its weak spot is a bulging blister on its big arm that will completely remove the arm from the enemy when exploded. If you do not put damage into that area, it will take quite a bit longer to kill these guys.


The Ogre seems like a much more dangerous and deadly version of the Tank from Left 4 Dead. This is the beast that is 20 feet tall and slowly makes its way after survivors, eating bullets for what seems like forever. These guys are bullet sponges and will take so much of your resources to take down. Luckily, they are slow and you can run from them until you reach an area they cannot enter. Do not get complacent though, they will reach into smaller areas to grab you and throw you across the room for a huge amount of damage.


Snitches are long necked enemies that will call the horde when they are damaged. They put out a piercing scream and can turn a tame situation into something hectic very quickly. Whenever this special infected receives any damage, you want to take it out quickly before it can call a horde. Of our playtime so far, besides the Ogre, this special infected appears the least amount of times thankfully.