What to do with unidentified items in Hogwarts Legacy

Where can you learn more about these items?

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While exploring Hogwarts Legacy and checking out the many locations you can find throughout the game, there are several valuable items you can discover and place on your character to enhance their attributes. There might be a handful of items your character cannot properly identify when they first pick up, leaving you with a blank item you can’t use. Thankfully, there is a way to identify these items. Here’s what you need to know about what to do with unidentified items in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to identify items and gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Anytime you find an unidentified gear piece while exploring Hogwarts Legacy, we recommend you hold onto this item. Although it is not useful right now or available for you to use, there will be an opportunity for you to use it later when you find and unlock the Room of Requirement.

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The Room of Requirement is a location that appeared in the Harry Potter books and movies. It’s a place that appears when someone absolutely needs a specific item and will appear to provide them with aid. For the main character, the Room of Requirement becomes a location where they can house their plants to grow, brew their potions, and use it as a space to practice their spells. There’s also the Desk of Description, which is how you identify any unknown object in your inventory labeled as “unidentified.”

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If you have yet to unlock this room, fear not. It appears in the main story quests for Hogwarts Legacy. We urge you to work on the core quests and progression in the game, and eventually, this location will become available to you, and you can freely use and decorate it however you see fit.