When does Harvest Moon: One World release?

When can you start harvesting more crops?

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Image via Nintendo

Harvest Moon: One World will release for the Nintendo Switch, and players can expect a similar experience to the one they’ve shared while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players will be working on a variety of crops, spending each day tilling their fields, going to the market to sell their crops, and getting to know other individuals they encounter in the game.

Right now, the exact release date of this new Harvest Moon game is up in the air. We know it’s going to come out sometime during autumn 2020, but the exact date has not been shared. The developers have likely been keeping this under wraps and want to hold any current expectations from fans.

The date could change, too, depending on the production and availability of the staff behind the game. Because of COVID-19, some game developers and publishers have been experiencing delays on their products, and even updates to their live service games because of the pandemic. Employees are unable to work from their desks and instead have to rely on the tools at their homes, which can potentially prevent them from meeting a drastic deadline.

The autumn 2020 release is a speculative one. But right now, we have limited details about the title. We’ll learn more about it come the summer of 2020, and leading up to the speculative release.