When does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release?

The expansion is coming Summer 2022.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Capcom debuted a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming expansion, Sunbreak, at The Game Awards. The trailer provided a few more details on the game, while also offering a release window of Summer 2022.

The trailer showcased a vicious creature stalking a trio of hunters, one of whom desired to take the monster on herself — citing her battle with it as “a royal matter.” The trailer also revealed the expansion’s setting to be the island of Elgado, which Capcom describes as “a land of perilous adventure.”

While the trailer only mentioned the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has confirmed that the PC version of the game, due out in 2022, will receive the DLC on the same date the Switch version does.

Monster Hunter Rise was released in early 2021 exclusively for the Switch. Capcom announced earlier this year that the game would receive an expansion titled “Sunbreak” in 2022. The expansion is expected to be a large-scale one similar to the Iceborn expansion released for Monster Hunter World, which added several new monsters to hunt, alongside a whole new region to explore. We’ll update this article once we hear more from Capcom regarding the exact release date of the upcoming expansion.