When Does Season 1 of Halo: Reach End?


When you load into Halo: Reach for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, there are distinct changes from the original game. For one, when you jump into the online matchmaking and start playing with friends and against other players, you earn Season points to raise your season score. The more points you earn, the further rewards you receive. At the top of the screen, there’s a Season 1 indicator, hinting that there are more planned seasons for Halo: Reach beyond this first part.

For veterans of the game, they may notice all of the rewards were from the original game. There’s nothing new introduced in these season reason rewards, with all of them fitting in the armor, firefight voice packs, and armor effect categories.

You won’t spend as much time unlocking all of the levels as it took you when Halo: Reach first launched for the Xbox 360. Max Szlagor, the design director for the publishing team at 343 Industries, assures players it won’t take them as long, and the first season will wrap up after everyone has had enough time to reach this point.

What happens beyond it? The first season focuses on Halo: Reach. Players expect the next seasons to shift toward other games, but you won’t lose any progress you’ve made with the previous titles or any of the unlocks. The progression happens across all of the games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so players won’t feel they only play one game in the entire collection while they have access to it. Future rewards will break down to challenges players need to complete.

Right now, the Season 1 features a linear choice for players where they have to purchase the current unlock to grab something higher up. For example, if a player has unlocked the first five levels of their Season Pass, they need to unlock the sixth slot before grabbing the seventh reward. 343 plans to change up how it handles the season system, but it has not shared what they plan to do.

We can expect more when Season 1 draws to a close, and 343 opens up to its community about when they plan to do it.