When does the Pele Azula skin release to Smite, and how to get it

Pele is receiving a fiery makeover.

Image via Hi-Rez

In 2020, Smite announced and released the Avatar: The Last Airbender battle pass, where players who bought the pass could unlock skins for Aang, Zuko, and Korra, along with several ward skins, jump stamps, and much more. The battle pass was released for a limited time and has since been unavailable. In update 8.5, the iconic skins of these characters for Merlin, Susano, and Skadi, respectively, will be available once more, along with a new for Pele, Azula, Zuko’s villainous sister.

The exact date for update 8.5 has not been shared. The update will likely take place before the next battle pass releases to Smite, the Monstercat one featuring skins for Gilgamesh, Hades, Chang’e, and Khepri. The Monstercat battle pass is releasing on May 18. The precise details and date for the Avatar skins, and the Monstercat battle pass, will be shared during the Smite update show on April 28 at 3 PM ET.

Because the Avatar battle pass is not returning to Smite, it’s likely players will be able to grab these skins through chest rolls, or they will be direct purchases. Following the Update Show for Smite, it has been confirmed that Azula will be a direct purchase. You can purchase her for Pele through the Smite in-game store when she arrives on the morning of May 18.