When does Pokémon Go’s Battle League season 3 start?

Pokémon Go’s Season 3 for the Battle League is right around the corner.

The Battle League for Pokémon Go is a PvP battle mode where trainers face others from all over. You don’t need to go out and find a trainer. Instead, you encounter those also searching for battles in an open lobby and fight them based on your Battle League rank. The Battle League resets every season, with new rewards available for everyone who participates.

Those interested in jumping into season 3 of the Battle League won’t have to wait too long. It should arrive on July 6. Each Battle League in the game starts the same where players have the chance to participate in the Great League, which only allows trainers to battle with Pokémon that have under a maximum of 1,500 CP.

After that, it goes into the Ultra League, which turns the difficulty up a little higher. Now, all trainers can use any Pokémon under 2,500 CP. It’s a bit more difficult for trainers who may not have as a diverse of a roster.

The final Battle League segment is the Master League. Unlike the other two, there is no CP limit for a trainer’s Pokémon, giving everyone the luxury to use every legendary and mythical Pokémon they could have encountered while playing the game. However, to help adjust for players who may not have the same luck, there’s the Premier Cup. The Premier Cup is similar to the Master League, except it prevents players from using any of their legendary or mythical Pokémon, but there’s still no CP limit. The Premier Cup debut during the Battle League’s Season 2, and it happens alongside the Master League with the same rewards.

Make sure to train and boost your Pokémon as much as possible to prepare for Season 3. You can expect new rewards for ranking up, and rare Pokémon encounters if you win enough battles.