When is the next Steam sale? – upcoming steam sale dates

Get your wallet ready.

Image via Steam

One of the fantastic things about Steam as a platform has always been the numerous deep-discount sales that are held each year. Gamers can pick up some real bargains, snapping up games that they might have been watching for some time.

It is a good idea to regularly add games to your Wishlist so you can easily scan the prices of the titles you are interested in at the start of the sale and plan your purchases. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye open for bundles, as games will often be sold as part of a bundle with all their DLC, or as series or publisher bundles that can give you huge savings.

When is the next Steam Sale?

The next Steam Sale will be the Christmas sale and is expected to begin on December 22 and will end on January 5.

Steam Sales will traditionally take place around busy holiday periods as Valve tries to get gamers to generate massive income for developers through sheer volume of sales. It is often a successful tactic, as developers will report record profits around those times of the year, despite the discounts on their products.

Summer and Winter steam sales tend to be the ones that carry the biggest discounts, but games can see reductions of anything from 10% to 90% of their prices, depending on what the developer and publisher want to do.