When is the release date for the Everywhere video game?

It’s not a sequel to Everything.

Image via Build A Rocket Boy

Gamescom Opening Night Live was full of new game reveals and looks at games we’ve never heard about before. One of the latter is Everywhere from the team at Build A Rocket Boy. That studio was established by Leslie Benzies, formerly of Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto fame, and you can certainly feel his influence in the game’s description. You might be wondering when Everywhere will actually release.

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What is Everywhere’s release window?

Everywhere’s release date is currently set for 2023. This, of course, gives Build A Rocket Boy a large window to work with. That said, the trailer didn’t actually show too much gameplay outside of a few cars driving around the world. Therefore, we would make the educated guess that we won’t be seeing Everywhere until sometime in the back half of 2023. Plus, there’s always a chance for a delay that could push it even further back. Essentially, we’re saying to not get too excited until Build A Rocket Boy announces something more official.

What we know about Everywhere is also limited. We do know that it’s being described as a “multi-world” experience, which likely means it’s set partially in space. After all, the only way we know to travel from one planet to the next is with a spaceship or magic and we definitely didn’t get any vibes of the latter from the short teaser. Other than that, the initial reveal was a bunch of buzz words that don’t mean much without more substance behind them. At this stage, we’re not even sure which platforms the game will be coming to. We will update this guide as more information is revealed about Everywhere.