Where are the map pieces in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Find the treasure and save the park.

In order to save the park in Sneaky Sasquatch, you are going to need to find the buried treasure hidden somewhere in the park. Unfortunately, the only way to find it is to use the map. However, Duck let the map get torn up, and you will have to find the pieces to put it back together and find the treasure.

There are nine pieces of the map total, and they are spread out around the game for you to either find or unlock through activities. To help you with your adventure to keep the park from being torn down for a shopping center, we have the locations of each one right here for you.

Piece #1

The first piece is the easiest to get, as it is given to you automatically by Duck, who was able to keep one piece after it was torn apart. When you first set out to gather the map pieces, you will be given this one.

Piece #2

To nab the second piece, you will need to head to the RV Park, which you can find by heading north from the center of the park. Once there, you can find Duck in a bush and he will tell you that he needs help getting his hat back from inside the biggest RV in the park.

To get inside, lure the man out of the RV by messing with the radio outside. Eventually, he will come out to see who is playing around with it. Slip inside the RV once he comes out and grab the hat off the counter.

Bring the hat back to Duck and you will get the second map piece.

Piece #3

The third piece can be found near the lake to the south of the center of the park. You will find it on the ground, near a beehive, but you’ll promptly be chased off by the bees as soon as you get close enough to the piece.

Luckily, just east of here is a bear that will agree to help you if you give him a fish to eat. So go and get yourself one from a nearby river, and then bring the fish to him. It will then head over to the hive and keep the bees busy while you snag the map piece.

Piece #4

There will be a point in time when you notice an exclamation point appear in the pond near your house. If you fish in the pond when this happens, you will pull up a talking fish who will tell you that he wants to be in the pond in the park’s golf course.

With the fish in tow, head to the east side of the park to find the golf course, then make your way to the center of it. Here, you will find the pond where you can release the fish. As a reward, he will give you the fourth map piece.

Piece #5

On the west side of the RV Park, you will notice a path that leads to a dark cave. Once you can afford it, buy the Flashlight and you can explore this cave freely.

The cave will lead you to an abandoned mining tunnel which you need to follow until you reach an entrance that is caved in. If you head east from here, you will come across a stick of dynamite which you can take to the caved-in entrance and place in the box there. Then, head west and you will find the switch that will blow the dynamite and the caved-in rocks away to reveal the map piece right there.

Piece #6

At the southern edge of the map, there is a big lake that you can traverse once you have purchased the Oar from Raccoon’s shop. Once you get to the other side, you’ll come across a garden maze. Once you find your way through this maze, you’ll meet Duck, who has the sixth map piece waiting for you.

Piece #7

This piece, and the two that follow it, will require a little more time to get your hands on.

Once you have purchased the Golf Club from Raccoon, you can head to the park’s golf course and participate in the first tournament, which is comprised of three courses. If you win, you will be given a large chunk of money that you can use to buy the Amateur Golf Club and the Golf Outfit.

Now, you can enter the second tournament and earn an even bigger reward. Use these rewards to buy the Pro Club and exit the Golf Course. Head to the east and you will meet the Pro Golfer. Defeat him in a match and you will win the seventh map piece.

Piece #8

To earn the eighth map piece, you will need to beat the driver at the park’s race track. You can find the track by heading east from the campground and then north once you come across the road.

In order to win this race, though, you will need to first buy a car and then upgrade it. This can be done by earning a license and then entering the races at the track. Just keep earning coins from the races or any other means, and keep upgrading your car. Once it’s fully upgraded, take the driver down and the map piece is yours.

Piece #9

You will find the last piece of the map in the snowy area. Before heading that way, purchase the Skis from Raccoon.

There is a Pro Skier that wanders this area of the map, and you can challenge him to a downhill race. Winning the race will — you guessed it — give you the map piece.

Much like the golfing and racing pieces, you can participate in smaller events to earn money and use that to buy better skis. Once you have the right skis and practice from these other races, take the Pro Skier down and the final piece is yours.

Now, just use the map to find the treasure, and you have saved the park.