Where to find Azalea Trees in Minecraft

Azalea Trees in Minecraft lead to additional treasures.

Azalea Trees are set to be a spawning tree that you can find in Minecraft. This tree will have a heavy set of roots that reach deep underground, indicating the location of lush caves. For Minecraft’s 1.18 update, both Azalea Trees and Lush Caves have arrived in Minecraft. They were not available in Minecraft 1.17. Now that they’ve arrived, where can you expect to find Azalea Trees in your Minecraft world?

When Azalea Trees show up in Minecraft, they spawn above a Lush Cave. They can spawn on top of any Dirt or Grass Block that you can find, typically where a Lush Cave appears. If you find an Azalea Tree, they’re essentially a massive red marker indicating where you can find a lush cave, which means you need to dig down to find it. The trees appear on any space above these caves, and there’s a chance that an Azalea Tree can spawn inside the cave, given the size.

If you want to add an Azalea Tree to your garden, there is a way you can acquire them. It would be best to find a moss block trading with a wandering trader or by looting a chest inside a shipwreck. The wandering trader will give you two moss blocks for a single emerald.

When you have the moss blocks, all you have to do is place it down where you want your Azalea Tree, give it a bone meal to spawn azaleas and flowering azaleas. Then, when you give the azaleas or flowering azaleas another helping of bone meal, those become Azalea Trees.