Where is Lord Saladin in Destiny 2?

Time to jump into an Iron Banner match.

The latest Iron Banner quest has arrived in Destiny 2, and it’s time to find the best Guardians who are willing to do battle against others to prove their worth and stand out amongst the others. To accept and start these quests, you need to locate one leading it: Lord Saladin.

You can find Lord Saladin on the Tower, and he’s not too far away from where you first load into the game. Fast travel to the Tower, and when you pop into the screen, you can find him on the second level of the large complex. You can choose to get up there using a small ramp that you can jump on, and then jump again to reach the second ledge. From there, he’s to your left. Alternatively, you can choose to take the stairs underneath him, right next to Banshee-44. Run up the stairs, and you can talk to him at the top.

After you receive his quests and the four bounties you need to complete that week for Iron Banner, you can proceed to jump into some player versus player games. The Iron Banner-specific battles are on the Crucible page. Go over to the destination sections of your Director and go the Crucible circle on the middle right side of your screen. The Iron Banner matches are in the middle of the bottom, and it should be a darker green color.

You have a week to complete these quests, and the main quests Lord Saladin gives you. If you don’t complete them the first week he shows up, don’t worry, Lord Saladin makes several appearances each season. You will have a handful of opportunities to finish them, but not unlimited.