Where is Ticker in Warframe?

Tick tock.


Ticker is an NPC in Warframe that can be found at the Fortuna social node on Venus. He is located directly up and to the left of where players first spawn in, on the second first floor.

Ticker is willing to buy and sell Debt Bonds, marks against the residents of Fortuna that the Corpus hold over them to keep them in indentured servitude. Ticker also sells some decorations and acts as the vendor for the Star Days event.

Debt Bonds

Warframe Debt Bond Types

There are five different types of Debt Bond, which represent the different ways that someone on Fortuna can end up owing money to the Corpus.

  • Training Debt Bond
  • Shelter Debt Bond
  • Medical Debt Bond
  • Advances Debt Bond
  • Familial Debt Bond

How To Get Debt Bonds

The main way to get Debt Bonds is by completing Bounties on Orb Vallis. The different types of Debt Bonds can be gotten from the reward pools of different tier missions:

  • Training Debt Bond – Tier 1
  • Shelter Debt Bond – Tier 2
  • Medical Debt Bond – Tier 3
  • Advances Debt Bond – Tier 4
  • Familial Debt Bond – Tier 5

Ticker will sell you Debt Bonds in exchange for credits, and resources. The higher the tier of Debt Bond, the rarer the resources will be. Finally, by completing Phase 4 of the Profit Taker Heist, you receive some Medical, Advances, and Familial Debt Bonds.

What Debt Bonds Are Used For

One of the main things you will need Debt Bonds for is ranking up with the Solaris United Syndicated. You will need the follow Debt Bonds to rank up:

  • Outworlder – 13 Training
  • Rapscallion – 12 Training, 15 Shelter
  • Doer – 10 Training, 15 Shelter, 13 Medical
  • Cove – 12 Shelter, 10 Medical, 13 Advances
  • Old Mate – 12 Medical, 12 Advances, 10 Familial

It is also possible to turn Debt Bonds into Ticker in exchange for Standing. If you find yourself with far more Debt Bonds than you need, this can be a great way to spend them, as you need Standing to buy things from the vendors in Fortuna, such as Kitgun and MOA parts.

  • Training Debt Bond – 100 Standing
  • Shelter Debt Bond – 200 Standing
  • Medical Debt Bond – 300 Standing
  • Advances Debt Bond – 400 Standing
  • Familial Debt Bond – 500 Standing

Finally, Gilding a Kitgun will cost 10 Shelter Debt Bonds, and Gilding an MOA will require 10 Training Debt Bonds.