Warframe Star Days event guide – start date, event details

Love is in the air.


Warframe will have a new Valentines event arriving for all amorous Tenno to celebrate the power of love. This event will give you the chance to get fun new items, a brand new Ephemera, and more.

Once again the event will have a very specific vendor, and this time we will all be making our way to Fortuna to take part in the fun.

Start and end dates

Star Days will begin on February 11, and will finish on February 24.

Event details

You will need to go and visit Ticker on Fortunate when Star Days begins. He will be looking after this event in a similar fashion to Daughter during the Naberous event over Christmas. You can find Ticker up and to the left, on the higher platform, when you first spawn in at Fortuna.

You can trade in Debt Bonds, earned by doing Booties and other activities on Fortuna, in exchange for rewards from Ticker’s event shop.

Event rewards

  • Eros Wings Ephemera – 35 Training Debt Bonds
  • Cherub Color Palette – 25 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Ticker Floof – 10 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Eros Wings Orbiter Decoration – 10 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Deimos Glyph – 15 Medical Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Gauss Glyph – 5 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Helminth Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Lavos Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Necramech Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Eros Arrow Skin – 1 Training Debt Bond
  • Snipetron Blueprint – 10 Advances Debt Bond
  • Ignis Wraith Blueprint – 25 Advances Debt Bond
Image via Warframe Devstream #151

The Eros Wings Ephemera is fantastic, and will match the color of your Warframe. It is large, but can also combine with your Syandana for some real Warframe fashion. During combat they will dissappear, so they are not in your way.

This is all the information we have at the moment, but we will update the guide with further information as it becomes available.